Micaiah Rodermond


I May Not Be A Genius, However I Know How To Think Like One


Welcome To My Story

I am a Homeschooler from SC and a Pastors kid, i Love God more than i love air, and i love music more than i know how to express, i play the Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and the Drums. I create digital media (lyric videos and such) for my clients, like house of hereos, disciple, and copperlilly, just to name a few. I make and host websites. And I score movies for people. I also love to take pictures and capture the raw beauty of this world or augment their reality to fit my imagination, or take videos and do the same to the video and… well i guess what I’m trying to say is; I’m a man of very many different hats, one morning i might wake up as a Photographer, and the next an Audio Engineer, or maybe even a movie producer, but my most favorite job of all is making Radio Dramas, because I love radio dramas and the impact they can have on people’s lives. My life was impacted greatly by a fictional character named Mr. Whitaker. So I want to pass that impact on to others.

Have You Seen My Blog?


I just saw an old picture of me from 6 years ago. It feels like a lifetime has passed, why is this so? 6 years ago I was a boy, now I’m a “Man”. But there are still so many things I don’t understand. So many plans I have yet to plan My head was... read more

The Old Man.

Once there was an old man with wrinkles and grey hair, Wearing plaid tube socks -( his fresh new pair), who slept in his office in his favorite reclining chair, People said it would hurt his back, but he didn’t care. “he just doesn’t want to walk all... read more

The Grandma Limerick

Once in my adventures, I lost my grandpas dentures, Grandma looked and had ’em hooked and she snatched ’em with her Pinchers she then gave me a look staring behind her book my last adventure with grandpas dentures. oh yes, my goose was... read more